How We Review

Every time you are going to use a particular service or product, you may think whether it will serve the purpose if it costs them money you pay or there are any other interesting deals available on the market. These are common questions a user may have. We have the same doubts when it comes to the purchase-related decision. No one wants to pay money for a second-rate service and find some pitfalls associated with the product use that a provider has hidden from you. We do not want this to happen to you. That’s why we provide comprehensive reviews covering unbiased information and our own experiences when using a particular site or service.

Analyzing a particular site or offer, we compare the collected data to the average market standard and do the evaluation. Instead of going deep into the technical things, we focus on the features and services that make sense to you as a user, such as:

  • Service quality – you should know what you are paying for. That’s why we test every site ourselves and check the reviews of real site users so that you could have a clear picture of the company value proposition and the service quality if offers;
  • Cost/ affordability/ inclusiveness – no one wants to overpay for a service or product for no reason. We will not let this happen. We will check the average market price for the service and make sure that it fits within the “limits;” 
  • Customer base – want to make sure that the service is for you? The best way to know that for sure is by checking its current customer base as well as the audience it targets. That’s why we always check who’s using the site, what purpose of the service is, and what task it executes;
  • Site interface – since the number of mobile users keeps growing every day, the question of site responsiveness is acute as never before. After all, having a chance to browse a website on any device you have at hand is always a good thing;
  • Customer support – around-the-clock customer support is something that quality service should always offer. Would you like to wait for days to have your pressing issue followed up on? We would never want this to happen. That’s why we always check how customer support of a particular service works and how fast they reply.

All in all, doing the reviewing work is far from being an easy thing. It takes a lot of time and effort. We are passionate about what we are doing and treat this business with special care and responsibility.