A Comprehensive Overview Of Dating Chinese Girls As A Foreigner 

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Chinese women have always been a subject of dreams of many singles from around the world. Indeed, these ladies are charming and exotic, and absolutely every admirer of the oriental woman beauty would want to start dating a Chinese girl. However, there is a lot of difference between dreaming about dating a Chinese woman and actually being with one. Even though there are some stereotypes that check out, in reality, a Chinese woman is not the same as a lot of clueless westerns imagine her to be. On a number of occasions, dating a Chinese be like something you could not possibly imagine.

But do not feel overwhelmed or stressed out! This article seeks to tell you more about who an average China woman is, how to date a Chinese woman and where to find one! If you are intrigued and want to find out more, read on!

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What Are Chinese Girls Like?

The first thing that needs to be established in this guide into Chinese women dating is who these ladies are. Therefore, to identify the perks of dating a Chinese woman, we are going to discuss their traits first.

It is only fair to notice that China is a large country with millions and millions of women. Just like any big country with a large population, it is understandable that there will not be a single type of women, and they will all differ from each other. Especially since the biggest virtue of any woman is her individuality and uniqueness. They want to stand out and have the traits that no other woman has. It is a universal thing! However, it is particularly evident in China. Not only are there a lot of girls residing there, but they also differ a lot from each other. The thing is, Mainland China is very different from the rest of China. If you look for love among rural girls from China, they will have features opposite to those girls from the cities.

In fact, it is possible to identify two main types of ladies that you can meet in China – a traditional woman and a modern woman. Depending on the classification she falls under, a Chinese woman would have either a more submissive or more progressive character. For instance, traditional Chinese girls are usually very religious, have strong family values, and are quite meek. On the other hand, modern ladies are very emancipated, vocal about their beliefs, ambitious, and independent.

Regardless of what type of woman you fancy more, they still share a lot of similarities. So, let’s dive directly into learning what characteristics girls from China are known for.

Girls From China Are Very Kind And Feminine

No matter what type of woman you come across in China, it is almost always guaranteed that your Chinese date will be very kind and feminine. Even modern girlfriends who do not mind taking upon a male role and follow the behavioral patterns of men, e.g., being the bread-winner and dictating the rules within the family, are still very subtle about it.

A Chinese woman would not scream and shout or be hysterical in any other way. In fact, these ladies are extremely composed and can control their emotions well. If needed, they know when it is better to remain silent.

On top of that, when you date a Chinese woman, you can expect her to be always kind and friendly. Even though they know their worth and would not be overly chatty, they are still approachable and not intimidating. She is not going to eye you up and down but rather give you a subtle warm smile instead!

They Are Extremely Hardworking

One of the things that define the very nature of these girls is their resilience. They are very hardworking and never give up. They are not the type to top doing something if it does not go right. On the contrary, they would put all the effort they have in them to fix the situation and make it right.

Starting from a very young age, girls in China are taught that they need to be zealous if they want to achieve something in life. This idea, later on, directs their entire life and sets out a future path for them.

Regardless of the niche that a Chinese woman takes up in life, she will always remain a perfectionist and make sure what she is doing she does best! These girls are not used to doing things half-heartedly. Instead, they dedicate all of them to the thing they do.

They are not afraid of hard work and can share responsibilities without complaining.

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They Are Smart And Easy To Talk To

Amazing education of ladies is one of the defining features of females in China. The Chinese educational system is very rigorous and requires a lot of attention, dedication, and the hard world (something that a Chinese woman is capable of, as we have already established). However, it is also extremely fruitful. Because of all the time Chinese ladies dedicate to their studies; they grow up to be unbelievably knowledgeable and well-educated.

They have expertise in almost every sphere of life, as it is likely their studies have covered the subject of the conversation. Hence, it is a pleasure to hold a conversation with a woman from China. She can be very interesting and overall nice to talk to.

Moreover, because of their rigorous education, chicks from China know a lot about the rules of etiquette and other stuff related.

These Chicks Are Super Beautiful

You already know it! Before you know anything else about the character of a Chinese woman, their astonishing looks are one of the reasons to date a Chinese. Indeed, these girls are the embodiment of oriental tradition and beauty.

Some of the defining features they have are soft features, fair complexion, thick yet soft black hair, almond-shaped eyes, and tiny figures. You can feel like a real-life knight next to a woman from China because of how petite they are.

On top of that, there are well-defined beauty standards in China that prevent Chinese girlfriends from being overweight. No matter where you go, you will only find skinny and toned bodies!

They Are Loyal

Loyalty is one of the traditional nouns associated with the questions of ‘what are Chinese like?’. Their culture talks about there being no infidelity and treason, and girls follow these dogmas! No matter what, your Chinese woman will always be by your side. If the two of you are in a marriage, the woman will not only stay loyal to you but also do everything in her power to make sure your union remains strong.

They Are Passionate And Adventurous

One of the things that their longing to ensure a strong bond includes is the skill in bed. The rumors are true – Chinese girls know a thing or two about how to please a man. In fact, this is majorly due to how adventurous they are. They are open to trying out new things and will encourage you to keep up with that wish.

How To Get A Chinese Woman For Dating?

One of the best ways to secure yourself a hot date among Chinese women is to go online. Of course, you could travel all the way to China and try looking for love there. However, it is majorly inefficient. You can never be sure if the person you have met on the street is interested in building relationships, whether they are looking for a fiance or not. Online, on the other hand, you can filter all of the profiles and find the profile that would match all your perfect woman’s criteria.

Fortunately, there are plenty of websites that focus on giving singles from around the world an opportunity to connect with a Chinese woman and start a relationship with her. Regardless of the type of relationship you are seeking, you are likely to find a niche to fit the request. There are endless options when it comes to online dating services! However, you need to remember that you should only create an account on legit platforms to avoid unpleasant interactions with scammers and fakes.

The best places to look for love online are…

  • Asian Feels
  • Match Truly
  • Eastern Honeys

Hot Chinese Dating Tips

However, before you start dating Chinese women, you need to answer the question of how to date a Chinese woman. Despite a lot of them being westernized, there still will be differences in culture which affected the dating styles of these ladies. What do Chinese like? Here’s the outtake:

  1. Be bold. You need to take the leading role in the relationship.
  2. Spoil her with attention.
  3. Be respectful towards her culture.
  4. Befriend her family and ask them for permission to date your woman.
  5. Do not rush into intimacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dating A Chinese Woman

How To Find A Chinese Girl?

The easiest way to find your love in the face of a woman from China is to look online on dedicated dating websites.

How To Attract A Chinese Woman?

You need to be confident and masculine to get into the favors of a Chinese woman.

Are Chinese Girls Easy?

Chinese girls are anything but promiscuous. They will not rush into a relationship if they do not think there is a strong bond between the two of you.

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